Tips to Prepare for a MOH Exam

If you are a healthcare professional who wants to work in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you need to pass the MOH exam. The MOH exam stands for the Ministry of Health Exam, and it is a medical license exam that is conducted by the Ministry of Health UAE. The MOH exam is required for all healthcare professionals who want to work in all five Emirates except Dubai and Abu Dhabi2. In this blog post, we will explain what the MOH exam is, what are the benefits of having MOH certification, who should take a MOH exam, and how to prepare for it.

What is the MOH?

The MOH is the Ministry of Health UAE, which oversees the medical practitioners’ professional licensure and is responsible for implementing healthcare policies in all aspects of the United Arab Emirates. The MOH exam is a standardized exam for license of healthcare professionals in the UAE. The exam is administered by the MOH in collaboration with an outsourced provider (Prometric), which has testing centers in over 76 countries worldwide4. The exam is available for various specialties, such as nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, etc. The exam format and content vary depending on the specialty and level of practice.

What are the Benefits of Having MOH Certification?

Having a MOH certification has many benefits for healthcare professionals who want to work in the UAE. Some of these benefits are:

  • It allows you to work in all five Emirates except Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which gives you more opportunities and flexibility to choose your preferred location and employer.
  • It enhances your professional credibility and reputation, as it shows that you have met the high standards and requirements of the MOH.
  • It increases your chances of getting hired and promoted, as it demonstrates your competence and skills in your field of practice.
  • It opens up new possibilities for career growth and development, as it enables you to access various training programs and courses offered by the MOH and other institutions.
  • It improves your salary and benefits package, as it reflects your value and contribution to the healthcare sector.

Who Should Take a MOH Exam?

Any healthcare professional who wishes to work in the UAE should take a MOH exam. However, there are some prerequisites and eligibility criteria that you need to meet before applying for the exam. These include:

  • Degree of primary qualification (MBBS) or equivalent
  • Internship completion (house-job) or equivalent
  • Clinical experience of two years or more (preferably in home country) or equivalent
  • Good standing certificate from previous licensing authority or employer
  • Valid passport and visa
  • Other documents as required by the MOH

4 Tips to Prepare for a MOH Exam

Preparing for a MOH exam can be challenging, but not impossible. Here are some tips that can help you ace your exam:

  1. Review the syllabus and exam format: You should familiarize yourself with the syllabus and exam format of your specialty and level of practice. You can find this information on the MOH website or from Prometric. You should also check the exam dates and locations, and book your test slot in advance.
  2. Study the material: You should study the material that covers the topics and objectives of the syllabus. You can use various sources, such as textbooks, journals, online courses, etc. You should also practice answering questions that are similar to those on the exam, such as multiple-choice questions, case studies, etc.
  3. Take mock tests: You should take mock tests that simulate the real exam conditions. This will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses, improve your time management skills, and boost your confidence. You can find mock tests online or from Prometric.
  4. Revise and relax: You should revise the material that you have studied before the exam day. You should also relax and rest well before the exam. You should avoid cramming or stressing out too much. You should also eat well, drink water, and dress comfortably on the exam day.

How Can I Learn More About MOH Practice Tests?

Many websites provide you with mock MOH practice tests. You can practice online courses and mock tests for various specialties and levels of practice. These tests are designed by experts and updated regularly according to the latest syllabus and exam format. It will help you prepare for your MOH exam effectively and efficiently.

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How to get a UAE MOH license?

A license is required before a healthcare practitioner can practice in the UAE in order to advance their career there. The UAE MOH licensing program is designed to make sure medical professionals are qualified and offer secure, high-quality healthcare in the UAE. The full form of the MOH license is the Ministry of Health Exam.

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There are different types of MOH licensing examinations for different medical professionals which include but are not limited to:

Professionals who pass the UAE MOH Licensing exam are permitted to work in the five northern emirates apart from Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

How to apply for a MOH exam license?

For MOH license eligibility, you must first clear the MOH exam.

But before that, make sure to first finish the verification process and then apply for the MOH exam License.

Dataflow verification

You must first submit your documents to Dataflow for verification if you wish to get the UAE MOH license. Also, you must receive a good PSV Report. You should complete the verification process first, though, before you apply for the MOH exam. You must pass the credentials and other types of verification in the specific emirate where you want to work in the future. Medical professionals will only receive licenses and certifications that are approved by WHO-recognized learning institutions.

Experience required for the Sharjah MOH exam

A health professional who is attending the MOH exam for Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain must have at least 2 years of work experience.


You need to submit testimonials such as internship and experience papers to the Ministry of Health before the MOH exam. Any other original documents should be submitted for verification.

Good Conduct Certificate

Also, applicants must produce a certificate of good behavior, which must come from the national health authority. The license will be issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by a declaration in the document.

The above criteria must be met by the potential healthcare professional. They won’t be allowed to take the MOH licensing exam otherwise.

Nature of the MOH exam

MOH test does not offer any oral test. Therefore, you need to sit for an Online Test that is conducted globally. Medical professionals are permitted to do this only 3 times only. The last attempt for the MOH exam can be done only 12 months after the prior exam date.

If you fail the eligibility test four times, your admission will be canceled and you won’t be able to practice in the United Arab Emirates no matter what.

You must provide all necessary certificates and paperwork before requesting the MOH eligibility test, without exemptions or justifications.

If you don’t have the necessary education, credentials, or experience, you must first earn a degree before submitting your paperwork and applying for the eligibility test.

Many institutions offer MOH Exam Study Materials for Doctors, Nurses, and Pharmacists who can provide you with courses and study materials to enhance your chances to get an MOH license.

Fees for MOH exams

Depending on where you live, the MOH license fees for exams vary. In India, fees for the MOH exam for pharmacists is around Rs.7000 and is held in Trivandrum, Kerala every week Monday to Friday. The MOH exam fees for nurses, too, is the same.

How to Check MOH license status in UAE

You can visit the official website of MOH to check your license. You can also choose Wizejob which will help you with licensing services.

The validity of the MOH license in the UAE is 5 years from the date of issue. Depending on the applicant’s chosen profession, several Professional Qualification Requirements (PQRs) are required for healthcare professional licensing applications. Candidates must submit the required certificates along with a list of prerequisites to the desired. With your personal and professional details, Wizejob completes the entire online registration process for your professional license on your behalf and uploads all necessary paperwork. This will reduce your load, effort, and time to complete the licensing process successfully. We deliver efficiency and effectiveness in the best way possible.

To sum it up,

Foreign nationals worldwide frequently go to the UAE, especially those seeking jobs in the medical field. If you pass any of the above-mentioned tests, you are eligible to work as a healthcare practitioner in any of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. With the right preparation, all of the tests can be readily passed due to their comparable examination structures. You can live a luxurious lifestyle and make a lot of money.

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