Tips to Crack Successful Medical Exams For Jobs In Dubai

There is more to the medical profession than just being a noble profession. No doubt doctors are life saviors but there is more than what meets the eye. It is also among the most revered and safest professions which attracts many people to appear for medical entrance exams every year. Though the journey of medical preparation is tedious, it is definitely worth all the effort. There are many healthcare courses in UAE. If you are looking for a way to crack medical exams, then this is for you.

Do you wish to further your career as a healthcare professional in Dubai or anywhere in UAE? If so, your first achievement is passing the DHA/MOH exam. For instance, if you want to work in Dubai, you will need a DHA medical license. Dubai Health Authority (DHA) license is required for healthcare workers in Dubai to pursue their jobs. The Dubai Health Regulation Department (HRD) is responsible for issuing the DHA license in Dubai. You must pass the DHA exam if you want to develop your career in the healthcare field. Similarly, MOH license and license fees are mandatory if you are planning to work in Kuwait. If you are planning to crack medical exams in UAE, then this is for you.

Here are the 4 most powerful study tips for the medical entrance exam

Managing your time – Any exam asks you to focus on optimum time management. Schedule your priorities beforehand so that you can remain on track when you are preparing for the most crucial exam of your life. Understand that every second of your life counts when you are getting ready for the medical entrance exam.

Not referring to the suggestion notes – getting the basics right is one of the crucial elements when you clear the medical exam and enter the real world where you need to handle people’s lives. That’s why we expect students to revise the basics and suggestion notes that will come in handy if they want to clear the medical exam.

Practice with previous year’s question papers – The annual pattern does not differ significantly from the paper pattern. You can obtain a good idea of the format of the exam by working through sample papers from previous years. The ability to recognize shifting trends from the past and make appropriate preparations is also essential.

Fight fear and anxiety – One of the main barriers is overcoming fear and anxiety to clear your medical exam. You should confront worries and keep working on subjects that you are unsure of with the aid of meditation and yoga.

Who can apply for a DHA/MOH medical exam?

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Medical lab technician
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Radiographer
  • Allied Healthcare

How to pass DHA/MOH/HAAD and DHCC exams in UAE easily?

Passing the respective exam is an easy task when you have the right guidance and training. The following steps can help you prepare for the medical entrance exam.

1. Have a good knowledge of the medical exam syllabus

Know what the course syllabus contains. Have a solid understanding of the specific exam syllabus and become familiar with its format. Spend some time researching the syllabus and its contents in light of your profession. Make sure you read through the various chapters completely. Depending on your occupation, the curriculum varies for other healthcare professionals.

2. Understand the duration of the DHA/MOH/HAAD exam

Make sure you understand the timeframe for the respective exam before beginning your exam preparation. For instance, exam time for the Dubai Prometric is two hours. There are multiple-choice questions in it. Make the necessary time arrangements before you begin the exam. You should be prepared to skip any question.

3. Attend mock tests to gain a better understanding of the format of the exam.

Attend mock practice exams. This will give you a good understanding of how the test paper will be set up. Additionally, you’ll comprehend the DHA exam’s question format, the scoring methodology, and your level of subject expertise. Mock exams frequently include pertinent medical exams like DHA, HAAD, Prometric, nclex, and MOH.

4. Revise the previous years’ exam papers

Regardless of the exam, revising previous years’ exam question papers will definitely be beneficial. This way you can understand the pattern of the test and the types of questions you can expect. Now calculate the time you will need to solve every problem. This can help you to score well on your exams.

5. Aware of the types of relevant medical exams

There will be both oral as well as online tests available for certain exams to get your medical license. For instance, the DHA exam for healthcare professionals includes both oral and computer-based tests. The assessment will be done either orally or online test (Prometric) based on the professional specialty. DHA evaluations can be either computer-based testing (CBT) or oral evaluations, depending on the classification of the healthcare practitioner.

6. Make sure you are aware of the test score

Do you know the total score to pass your exam? For example, you will need to get at least 60 points out of 100 to pass the DHA exam. The same goes for MOH while the HAAD exam requires 60-65 points as a passing score. If you fail, you will need to reapply and attend the exam again.

7. Take up the relevant course for further assistance

Be prepared to face challenges when you are preparing for your medical license exam. Exam preparation can be a breeze with DHA course training. Moreover, it will help you with licensing and handling all the roadblocks.

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