Guide To Obtaining Your Medical License In UAE

Healthcare experts are constantly in demand, especially after the COVID outbreak that has affected all over the world. The number of different viruses that still continues to emerge is endless.

UAE is a top choice for ex-pats who want to work and live in a healthcare-rich environment because of its remarkable healthcare system. Doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and other professionals are all encouraged in the UAE to develop personally and contribute to their local communities. The UAE has a comprehensive, publicly supported health system and a quickly growing private health industry that provides high-quality healthcare to the populace.

There are three medical licenses available in the UAE for medical professionals who seek to practice there: DHA (Dubai Healthcare License), MOH (Ministry of Health License), and DOH (Department of Health), which was previously known as HADD (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi).

There are different requirements in the UAE that are based on the emirate you wish to work and live in for acquiring a medical license. You might need to pass tests, submit to background checks, obtain certificates of good standing, and have a particular number of years of experience depending on your area of specialization. You must meet the minimum work experience of the UAE Medical Council Protocol once you earn your medical bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Type of Healthcare Licensing Exam Available in the UAE

There are four categories of licenses that allow healthcare professionals to work in the UAE. It all comes down to where you want to work in the UAE – such as DHA, DOH, DHCC, and the MOH. You can apply for jobs in the UAE once you pass any of these exams.

  • Dubai Health Authority (DHA) – Passing the DHA license exam only entitles you to practice in Dubai.
  • Department of Health (DOH) – You can practice in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain cities after getting a DOH license, according to the organization’s website.
  • Dubai Health Care City (DHCC) – Harvard International has issued a separate license exam for DHCC. You are only permitted to practice with this license in the DHCC free zone and nowhere else in Dubai.
  • Ministry of Health (MOH) – You must pass the MOH medical license to practice medicine in the cities of Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain.

How can I apply for a medical license in Dubai?

The Emirate of Dubai is a diverse city that strives towards progress in tourism, medicine, and technology. It is the epitome of luxury and relaxation and aims to provide its citizens with the highest quality of life. Its promise to provide its residents with high-quality, safe, and standard medical facilities will contribute to its beauty and enable them to lead happy and healthy lives.

If you want to work in Dubai, you are required to hold a license to practice by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). We are the leading service providers of medical licensing in UAE who can help you with both licensing and recruitment procedures with the biggest medical centers in the Emirates.

Requirements for healthcare professionals

As per the applicant’s occupation, different Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR) apply for healthcare professional licensure applications. You can submit applications online for the Prometric exams in the UAE. Candidates must submit the required certificates along with a list of prerequisites. You will receive assistance from Wizejob during the entire licensing process. Your personal and professional details, along with the necessary papers, are submitted by Wizejob to complete the entire online registration process for your professional license on your behalf. We at Wizejob deliver performance and profitability in the best way possible to reduce the load, effort, and time needed to complete the licensing process.

Course Materials for UAE Medical Council Exams

Prepare for the UAE Medical Council exam and let us help you with all the requirements. There are many Prometric exam study materials that consist of skilled professionals from several healthcare industries. There are multiple-choice questions, right answers, and explanations.

We provide assistance for all healthcare professionals, including doctors, dentists, and nurses, as well as allied health professionals including pharmacists, physiotherapists, radiologists, medical laboratory technicians, medical lab techs, and general dentists.

To sum it up,

Foreign nationals from all over the world frequently go to the UAE, especially those seeking jobs in the medical field. If you succeed in any of the aforementioned tests, you are eligible to work as a healthcare practitioner in any of the UAE’s seven emirates. With the right preparation, all of the tests can be readily passed due to their comparable examination structures. You can live a luxurious lifestyle and make a lot of money.

It requires a lot of commitment, a positive mindset, learning motivation, and, of course, clear, accurate, and current resources to prepare for the UAE qualifying exam for healthcare professionals. With Wizejob, you don’t have to worry about getting behind. Let us help you achieve your goal of pursuing a medical career. We offer a thorough, trustworthy, and genuine licensing and recruitment process to help you build a career in the UAE. We can assist you with all the formalities to help you set your priorities right and land a job at one of the leading hospitals in the UAE.

What do we do?

We provide DOH/DHA/MOH professional license processing services in the UAE with professionals to help you quickly receive your license. We are a government-approved healthcare professional licensing in UAE. Wizejob ensure that the whole process is handled from beginning to end, including document evaluation, coordination with regulatory authorities, license application processing, dataflow process, and booking your exam wherever you are. This gives you the chance to hold eligibility to practice even before you arrive in the United Arab Emirates. Our team of professionals is aware of the process and workplace dynamics to collaborate with the authorities for better results.

Why choose us?

For healthcare professionals with a local or international base who want to work in the UAE, we enable a thorough licensing and recruitment service. We provide DOH licensing services in the UAE by speeding up the process and making sure you don’t get caught up in any extra administrative or logistical issues with the authorities, you won’t have to wait as long to get your healthcare professional license. By availing of our customized package, you can not only get your license but also get recruited by the biggest medical hospitals in the UAE through a seamless experience.

  • Years of experience as a licensing processing expert and recruitment consultants
  • Fast and dependable service at the lowest price possessing the ability to attach, having an active license, and is transferable to other emirates
  • Transparent communication practices for improved comprehension

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