Discover Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of jobs are you hiring?

We hire employees for all positions in the healthcare industry. Across the country, we work collaboratively with pharmacies and healthcare institutions. We hire for temporary, contract and permanent jobs. Create a profile so that we can keep a look out for your job position if we do not currently have an opening in it.

What occurs after I submit a job application on your website?

Our hiring team will get in touch with you after you apply for a position, you're interested in within one business day. Our team will concentrate on what you are trying to find in a job specifically. Our recruitment agencies will work with you to start taking the next steps for the job you applied for based on the conversation and/or to discuss any additional opportunities that match your criteria for a career search. Our aim is to match each person with the appropriate career.

What happens to my passport when I arrive?

Once you arrive, you should give your passport to the HR department, which will issue an Iqama (a residency permit), which typically takes a few weeks. You will receive your passport back once your Iqama has been issued.

What are the repercussions if I breach my contract?

In the UAE, it is unacceptable to lightly breach any contract. Employer mobilization costs are typically quite high, and reapplying is frequently discouraged and challenging to negotiate. This implies that you should consider your choice carefully, though you are free to end your contract in accordance with its specific terms if you so choose.

What are the Hospital protocols and standards?

The UAE's health system can be compared with some of the top facilities in the west. The Joint Commission International (JCI), the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation from Canada (CCSHA), and the Australian Health Council Accreditation are the three organizations that accredit the majority of hospitals that employ western personnel (ACHSI). The general public is treated at tertiary medical hospitals and university teaching hospitals. Private hospitals either treat specific populations or exist solely to make money.

How can I get my application's feedback?

After submitting an application, the recruitment team who posted the position receives your CV. Then, they should get in touch with you directly to discuss your application. You can inquire further about your application by getting in touch with the recruiter. If the contact information is not provided, the name of the company can be found on our website above the job description.

How do I submit an application for a job?

To apply, you must be logged in, have a current CV in your profile, and be a registered user. Simply click the green "Apply Now" button on the right side of the screen when you see a job that interests you. If you would like, you can include a cover letter. Additionally, it is possible to add another CV right there. After completing the application, click "Apply Now" one more time to send the recruiter your resume.

Although I submitted an application, I have not heard back from the recruiter.

Sometimes recruiters are unable to reach unsuccessful candidates due to the volume of applications. You can follow up by calling the business that posted the job opening on our site.

How long should I wait before getting in touch with the recruiter about my application?

In order to find out the status of your application, it is worth getting in touch with the recruiter directly if you have not heard anything after three or four weeks.